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Seven Wolves of the Sun
            The Hunt

Book two of the Seven Wolves of the Sun series (currently in progress) will take you on a journey throughout the world of Mythos as newly discovered by the people of Rhuna. 

Saal continues his search for Nahleen to once more re-unite the Sem Lukos Resh; but time is running out. The planetary alignment that allowed him to descend into the physical realm is slowly dissipating.

The newly forged alliance between the Krit and the Rhue will be strained when war breaks out and the Krit ruler, Sharram Rhandor, now fully possessed by Saal, threatens both nations.

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Seven Wolves of the Sun
       Reign of the Beast

Also in first draft stage, book 3 of the series takes you through the pain and suffering of the people of Mythos under the rule of Saal. 

Secret meetings and odd allegiances form when all the people of Mythos are affected by his tyranny. Nahleen, imprisoned by Saal under the guise of his undying love, is re-introduced to an old friend who may very well hold the key to Saal's destruction. 

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old books and pen on a white background
Seven Wolves of the Sun
        Return to Light

In the fourth and final book of the series you are taken on a journey through the world of Mythos to discover the true nature of the reality of their world. Alliances that seemed impossible have been formed as people from all over Mythos band together to destroy Saal. But to do this they each must look inward to find their true nature and inner power.

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