Since the dawn of creation, Rhuna has held a secret deep beneath the Temple of Osiris—a malevolent force capable of bestowing immortality and unimaginable power to whomever possessed it. The Gods, rather than destroy all of Mythos to stop it, imprisoned the ancient evil and the one who created it.  They separated Rhuna from the rest of Mythos leaving the land—and its people—to fade into legend.
Kian’Huard and Ko’Resh, heirs to the House of Rhuna, happen upon a mysterious cave while out on a morning ride. The lure of the cave is beyond natural, compelling the brothers to enter. Too late, they realize their mistake and are trapped. Their only hope is a perilous venture deeper into the mountain. Plagued with danger, the journey pits brother against brother, until the final trial—the awakening of the Sem Lukos Resh.

But the struggle does not end there.

Driven by the darkness that possesses them, their conflict continues until only one brother remains.

Centuries pass.

The barriers separating Rhuna from the world fall.

Long since presumed dead, Ko’Resh returns to Rhuna. Once more brother battles brother.

One fights to save his world, the other to conquer it.

Works in progress

Seven Wolves of the Sun

The Hunt

Seven Wolves of the Sun

Reign of the beast

Seven Wolves of the Sun

Return to light


Congratulations on completing this captivating and imaginative manuscript! This is an epic story of twisted ambition, betrayal and brotherhood spanning centuries. There is a lot to admire here— your plot has twists and turns that will keep your readers on their toes, your characters are believable and the story comes to a dramatic conclusion that will leave people wanting more. The writing is clean and the language you use is powerful and flows well. Your descriptions of the fantasy world you have created are evocative.

Manuscript evaluation

Friesen Press

Summer 2019 Book Tour

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